Your Date’s Astro Sign - What To Know

Every sign in the zodiac has its positive and negative personality traits. Here’s what’s in store during fair and foul weather romantically.

By Barrie Dolnick

ver met, say, a Scorpio who was such a phenomenal match for you that you thought, “Hey, this is a great sign for me!”… and then, later on, fate tossed you another Scorpio who was so ill-suited for you it threw your astrological instincts for a loop? No, it’s not that your zodiac radar is off—it’s just that every sign has its good and bad aspects. Instead of doing a double-take, learn the ups and downs of each sign, and let this knowledge shed some light on your future romances.

Sign The bright side…The bad side…
Aries: Men
Solid warriors, hunter more than gatherer.
• Opens car doors and is generally chivalrous.

• Does what he says he’ll do.

• Forgets a date because of work and is unrepentant: You should understand.

• May quote Machiavelli with relish.

Aries: Women

Game and fearless, up for anything.

• Can fix your car with only a how-to book.

• Puts gain before pain.

• Bossy to the point of insufferable.

• Makes WWF pros look like wusses—so much so that it can be hard to reveal your soft side around these women.

Taurus: Men

Earthy and relaxed, stoic and stable.

• Will re-landscape your home without being asked.

• Gives good investment advice.

• A bit of a skinflint.

• Won’t change his clothing even if he smells.

Taurus: Women

Down-to-earth, non-critical.

• Can cook almost anything.

• Will make even a jail cell feel cozy.

• Insists on crocheting ugly blankets.

• Won’t answer the phone.

Gemini: Men

Smart, energetic and non-judgmental.

• Funny to the point of tears and stomachaches.

• Best friend you could ever hope for.

• He’ll tell everyone you’re wearing a girdle.

• He’ll have you thinking it’s OK that he cheated.

Gemini: Women

Curious, caring, unflagging.

• Always ready to go out and flirt shamelessly with you.

• Will always find a way to make you happy.

• Always ready to go out and flirt shamelessly with someone else.

• Won’t stop talking long enough to hear you say you’re mad.

Cancer: Men

Homey, caring, fond of cooking shows.

• Will circle the wagons and stand by you in any circumstance.

• Home life comes first.

• Inflicts moodiness on the entire household.

• Does not like your friends and makes sure they know it.

Cancer: Women

Ardent nurturers, reluctant socializers.

• Is devoted to your well-being.

• Celebrates every small moment of your life.

• Exerts concern that can smother and control that can madden.

• Refuses to forgive for years, even lifetimes.

Leo: Men

Proud, honorable, comfortable holding sway over a room of people.

• Smiles, charms and makes you feel as if you’re the best human being ever.

• Finds a good time in any situation.

• Turns his smile on once too often.

• Feels entitled to everything but work.

Leo: Women

Purrfectly happy with themselves and delighted to share.

• Optimistic and jovial, she’ll always find the silver lining.

• Great parties, lots of friends, and good times.

• She’ll have only the best clothes… and the bills that come with them.

• A slightly patronizing tone that seems to signify you (and everyone else) are inferior.

Virgo: Men

Together, quick-witted, artful problem-solvers.

• Actually enjoys taking your stress on his shoulders.

• A foodie who will do the research and make reservations.

• Stress-related injuries that make him short-tempered.

• Screamingly bad indigestion when food is not well prepared.

Virgo: Women

Perfectionists when interested, deconstructionists when not.

• Whirlwind of taste and efficiency that increases your quality of life.

• Nurturing, loving and impeccably dressed.

• Overwrought, hard to please, and has a tendency to set traps when suspicious.

• Needs bathroom breaks at the most inopportune times.

Libra: Men

Carey Grant-style charm and ease.

• The guy every single woman wishes was hers.

• He’ll make you smile, hold your hand, and love you without fear.

• Habitually encourages crushes from other women.

• Looking at himself in the mirror while he’s talking to you.

Libra: Women

Smart, pretty and sure of it.

• Engaging conversationalist who makes you feel smart even if she’s smarter.

• A love of the good life and the ability to make it happen.

• Eying another guy who has a bigger wallet.

• The silent treatment when you pick a fight.

Scorpio: Men

Deep, mysterious and irresistible.

• A little eye contact and suggestive touch, and you can live for days without nourishment.

• Never a dull moment in bed or anywhere else.

• Unrepentantly suspicious.

• All too frequent (and apparent) bouts of depression.

Scorpio: Women

Livewire sexuality with nun’s habit secrecy.

• Sexy beyond any known measure.

• Mobster-like loyalty and the street cred to back it up.

• Prone to character assassination when hurt.

• Crippling fear of being unworthy of a relationship.

Sagittarius: Men

Half-man, half-horse—a strong, speedy stud.

• Sparkling charisma with James Bond-like confidence.

• Always interested in what you’re doing.

• Intolerant of mundane details like car registration renewal and paying parking tickets.

• Will not remember to call home when he leaves town.

Sagittarius: Women

A bright lights, big city kinda gal.

• Eyes that tell you a long and interesting story that you want to be part of.

• Ability to make sweeping the floor (or whitewashing a fence) look fun.

• Allergic to responsibility and can’t be trusted to make mortgage payments or send birthday cards on time.

• Loves excess.

Capricorn: Men

“Prove it” types who want solid lives.

• Dependable, stable, unwavering in his commitment.

• Unpredictable passion that surprises you.

• A little too careful, cautious and couch-dependent.

• Addicted to his BlackBerry / voicemail / email / cell phone.

Capricorn: Women

Calm, cool and publicity-shy.

• Supportive, strong, and wise beyond her years.

• Quietly matches your mood and tenderly respects your needs.

• Tendency to act older than her years when tired or depressed.

• Remote to the point of being cold when hurt.

Aquarius: Men

Ardent thinkers and cause-makers.

• Presidential charisma regardless of his lot in life.

• Uncommonly fun with a no-cares attitude.

• Arrogant evangelists without a cause.

• Stubborn to the point of personal decay.

Aquarius: Women

Eccentric and easy-going.

• Indie-movie sensibility.

• Accepting, loyal and up for love.

• Needs a lot of space in body, mind and spirit.

• Wants to do really weird things to remind you how wacky she is.

Pisces: Men

Tough guys with hearts of gold.

• Loves candlelight, romance and grandiose gestures.

• You can physically feel his commitment and love.

• Heart of ice when hurt or angry.

• Can drown in booze if the dark side wins.

Pisces: Women

Lilting lovers of life.

• Soft-focused lovers and nurturers who really care.

• She’ll find beauty in everything humanly possible.

• Defensive or passive-aggressive, whatever works.

• Will stalk for details about anything remotely suspicious.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback.
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