The Lost Art Of Kissing

Is the art of kissing lost? Master these eight techniques to becoming a kissing master!

By William D. Hicks

issing plays an obvious and important role in romance. It’s often the first time many people know they’re in love — quickened pulse, butterflies, maybe even fireworks. But kissing seems to be a lost art form these days.

Ready to reclaim it? Any man who masters these eight techniques to becoming a kissing master deserves a second date:

1. Towel off.
Kisses are not meant to be wet. Sure, lips are intrinsically moist, but no one wants to kiss fish lips.

First dates are not the place to practice your French kissing skills.
2. Moisturize.
Lips that are dry or chapped feel like kissing sandpaper. Find a favorite lip balm and get into the habit of using it often.

3. Freshen up.
If garlic and onions have to accompany every meal, make sure you carry breath spray or mints with you at all times. Excuse yourself before you start to pitch woo and give your breath a boost!

4. Shut up.
First dates are not the place to practice your French kissing skills. While some people love to French kiss, others do not. It’s way too intimate, and first dates should leave ’em wanting more.

5. Tantalize.
Small, strategic kisses on the ears, lips and neck can be as effective — or more effective — than a long, lingering kiss that lasts a lifetime.

Leave something to look forward to on the next date.
6. Be creative.
Kissing is more than locking lips; it can entail nibbling, licking and caressing someone’s lips. You can also use your hands on his back, face, lips or hips to add an extra level of sensation to any kiss.

7. Focus.
Concentrate on the kiss. Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of lips on yours. Let your mind go; be in the moment.

8. Stop.
No means no. If a date shies away from kissing on the first date, don’t press the issue. Leave something to look forward to on the next date.

William D. Hicks is a writer who contributes to Happen.
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