Astro Love - How To Romance Any Sign

Wonder which sweet gestures will make that certain someone crazy—in a good way? Check out this sign by sign guide.

By Barrie Dolnick

et’s face it: It’s not easy to come up with the perfect words or romantic gestures to show you’re into someone. Will a quick email do, or should you shower ‘em with roses? How do you know you won’t seem corny? Or come off as too lightweight? Just check your sweetie’s sign below and find out how to hit the bull’s-eye with Cupid’s arrow.

Sign Him Her
Aries — They’re feisty and love a grand gesture.
In the olden days, a duel would have worked well. Today, you just have to take the lead. Make a dinner date and insist on holding hands. She’ll appreciate your direct approach.
He’s the guy who would fight for your honor. Instead, let him know you believe he could conquer anything and anyone, even you. Then look up into his eyes, and let nature take its course.
Taurus — They love to enjoy the best of everything, especially if it tastes good.
Give her chocolate – the beautifully packaged, expensive kind – with flowers. It’s very traditional and 100% effective. The way to this guy is through his stomach. Have him over for lobster, steak or homemade pasta. He’ll want to move in.
Gemini — They love a party. Two’s company, but a crowd is more fun.
Flirt with her and make her friends laugh. Then wrap your arm around her and pull her in for a kiss to show her she’s the one for you. Let your friends enjoy his wit. Laugh, flirt and hang back, but then lead him away from the gang and give him some lip (you know what I mean…).
Cancer — These shy creatures need reassurance and safety before sparks can fly. Keep her in your loop by texting when you’re apart; when you’re together, make it just the two of you, and show her you’re gentle and affectionate. He’s careful with his choices in love and any direct moves could scare him off. Wait until he sidles up to you before leaning in for a kiss.
Leo — They can’t live without flirtation and romance.
If ever a white horse-riding prince were called for, it’s now. Be gallant, be strong, and be irresistibly romantic. Excess is excellent. He’s a prince and would love a little royal respect. Invite him out, dress up and defer the first move to him. He won’t wait long.
Virgo — They have very particular tastes in life—and love.
She’s got a favorite restaurant. Book it and have something special ordered for dessert. She’s got a soft spot for considerate guys who plan ahead. He loves refinement and attention to details. Wear a clean scent; compliment something he’s wearing (he’s a secret clothes horse); and hold his gaze for more than three seconds. This intuitive guy will get the unspoken message.
Libra — They love to be in love.
She hates to make up her mind and will appreciate you doing it for her. Tell her (in a non-scary way) that she’s meant to be with you, then take her to a romantic dinner where you can share a tasting menu. He loves style, so don’t show up wearing any ole thing. Then set up a situation where you can attach yourself to him—visit a crowded art gallery, say. Touch his arm as you go through a door – tactile cues are all he needs.
Scorpio — Unmitigated, intense passion is what makes them who they are. She might seem shy, but she’s anything but when it comes to passion. You don’t have to try too hard—mood music or tango will set the tone. She might even take the lead. Still waters run deep. He’s got a lot going on beneath the surface. Suggest a date that involves a hot tub, and romance will follow.
Sagittarius — Their motto? Love is an adventure… or it’s history. She’s not shy or easily intimidated, so take a risk and suggest an impromptu hike. Or plan a trip to a music festival. Even if the bands stink you’ll have your first private joke. No mysterious, dark looks and no mopes or whines. This is one guy you can talk to straight up. Tell him he’s right for you, give him a little smooch, and he’ll give it a shot.
Capricorn — They get caught up in their quest to be the best and need to be helped along on the road to love. Set the scene for top-of-the-line romance, and she’ll understand you perfectly. If it’s 5-star or first-class, you’ll have her at “hello.” Set up a special night—maybe share a special bottle of wine. He will appreciate being treated like the center of your universe.
Aquarius — They have different ideas about love. Ask them. Ask her to volunteer with you at the soup kitchen, then tell her you’re into her while you’re performing selfless acts for others. This ever-learning soul is open to almost anything but tradition. A hot-air balloon ride would be the perfect setting for affection, but a bowling alley will do.
Pisces — The fish are total romantics and hopelessly impractical. Try setting up a love fantasy. Go for fragrant flowers, music, lots of candlelight —think romance novels — and imply that there could be bodice-ripping, if all goes well. Direct approaches do not work with him. Cook an “innocent” dinner, have a chilled bottle of white wine ready, and shimmer and smile until he gets your message.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback.
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