“Where I Found Love”

You never know where you might meet your soul mate! And as proof, we offer up these four weird but
true stories.

By Lisa Cericola

f you’re single, you’ve heard time and time again the saying that “love will find you when you least expect it.” Some help, huh? As these real stories show, “meet cutes” don’t just happen in movies—soul mates meet in weird and unexpected ways every day. So keep your eyes open and let these true stories be your inspiration.

Stormy weather leads to love
Artist Nicole Persley was thrilled when a major art show in Fort Lauderdale asked her to exhibit—and stymied when hurricane season shut down the
“Maybe you can comfort my ex?” she asked.
area’s shipping companies just as her paintings were being transported to the show. “I couldn’t make the four-hour drive to pick up my pieces from where they were being held by the shipping company,” she says. Then a friend found a colleague, Randy, who could go fetch Nicole’s paintings so she could participate in the exhibit. A few days later, Nicole was delighted when her paintings arrived—and even more thrilled by their escort. “As I watched Randy pull up my driveway in his Jeep, I felt star-struck because he’s so good-looking,” she laughs. “We realized we were checking each other out—I actually blushed.” Afterward, Nicole initiated an email exchange with Randy. “He asked to see my art studio, and as I was explaining my painting technique, he gently kissed me on the back of my neck,” she says. “One thing led to another, and we’ve been together ever since.” Quite the artful way to meet… and Nicole and Randy’s story shows that random meetings can lead to real romances.

Go ahead, help a tourist
After graduating from college seven years ago, Shane Krick of Truckee, CA, traveled through Europe with a friend. One morning in Paris, they stopped to help some lost-looking fellow tourists. “Susan and her traveling companion had forgotten their guidebooks and couldn’t find their hotel,” remembers Shane. He took an immediate shine to the twinkly-eyed American, and all four began sightseeing together. Soon, Susan and Shane headed out for some sight-seeing by themselves! “We headed to the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine and plastic cups,” he says. “Although I lived in Pennsylvania and she lived in California, I soon knew I had to be with her.” A few nights before departing, Shane kissed Susan, and the sparks truly flew. After a seven-year bicoastal relationship, the two are now living in the same city and getting married next year. “And when people ask how we meet, we can honestly reply, ‘On a street corner in Paris!’” he says. And their tale is proof that love can happen when you’re on vacation, on a business trip—anytime, any place!

How romance and religion can mix
When Laurie Sue Brockway turned 40, she left her journalism career to go to seminary school. Studying hard, she became almost nun-like—until she
“Next thing I knew, we were sightseeing together!”
heard Vic, a class president, give a talk at an assembly. “The first time I heard him speak, I thought, ‘Where can I find a guy like that?’” remembers the Queens, NY, resident. Soon she got to know the charismatic speaker through a series of coincidences. “For two years, we had fortuitous meetings in classes, in church.” Then fate stepped in… via Vic’s girlfriend! “I didn’t know her well, but she called and said, ‘I wanted to let you know that we broke up. Maybe you can comfort him?’ Somehow she realized that we had a connection,” recalls Brockway. Laurie Sue and Vic’s friendship continued to grow, blossoming into love one day when they visited a friend in the hospital together. “Our lives were so spiritually connected that it was easy,” she says. “Our relationship was a long time in the making, but we’ve been married for eight years now.” Turns out praying for love might just work!

Special (love) delivery
As a college student with a part-time job delivering pizzas in Columbus, OH, Beth Sanders was more interested in getting a decent tip than paying attention to her customers. But a certain customer kept ordering every Friday night and eventually broke the ice with Beth by asking her if she liked being a Domino’s driver. Thinking she might get a cash bonus if she recruited a new driver, Beth started telling him all the perks of the job. “He finally stopped my sales pitch and said, ‘I don’t need a job; I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out to lunch.’” Beth paused and said, “Why not?” “It took me a little while to warm up to him on our first date, but after a great second date, I knew I had met Mr. Right,” she says. “We’ll be married 15 years next July. So I guess Domino’s Pizza really delivers!”

Lisa Cericola is a New York City-area writer who contributes often to First for Women and Southern Living. She met her boyfriend in high school, but didn’t date him until they randomly ran into each other in a restaurant, six years later.
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