Looking for The One? Welcome to the cybersearching sisterhood! Many women who venture into the world of online dating are looking for a relationship that will lead to something long-term. In other words, lots of women think: I post, therefore I’m seriously seeking.

Many men, however, view Internet dating a little differently. In researching my book, The Real Reasons Men Commit: Why He Will — or Won’t — Love, Honor and Marry You, I discovered that while there are men online looking for exactly the same thing as you (i.e., a long-term partner in crime), there are also guys who think it as their greatest date-around tool ever. In other words: I post, therefore I’m SO available.

So how does a woman looking for lasting love know how to date online most efficiently — how to zero in on a commitment-ready man? Check his profile for these clues as you cast your net online.

Commitment check: What’s his “status”?
The first thing to determine when searching for a commitment-ready man online is if he’s actually available. If his profile says “Never Married,” most women will automatically assume he’s single and looking. But don’t assume that means he’s looking for commitment. Instead, look for other clues in his profile as well. Does he specifically mention he’s seeking a long-term relationship? Is he interested in meeting people with more depth than those he’s been finding in the bar scene? Has he mentioned being in a committed relationship before but now finds himself single and looking for The One? These may all be indicators that he’s ready to commit (or at least getting there) and is using the Internet to approach dating in a more targeted way.
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Red flags: men who mention recently getting out of a relationship (including some “Divorced” men) and state they’re now “hoping to have fun.” That screams “I’m looking for my rebound girl,” and most women know that the rebound rarely ends up with the ring!

Also keep in mind that “Separated” still means “technically unavailable.” While this doesn’t mean that a happy ending isn’t possible, women looking for a commitment should remember that this is a more complicated dating scenario from the get-go. Seeing a separated man necessitates some sleuthing in those first interactions, like finding out just how separated he is. In other words, is there a divorce pending? If commitment is your goal, you need to know this immediately.

Also, if you see the word “casual” in his profile, be wary of the context. Any man looking for a “casual situation” is probably not a good commitment risk at this point.

Commitment check: How does he look in his photo?
When it comes to gauging commitment, you might think a photo wouldn’t mean a thing — but a man’s photo selection can give you some valuable clues. For example, the guy who posts a picture of himself in a tuxedo at his friend’s wedding is not only trying to show you he can “clean up well,” but also, if his buddies are starting to commit, well… let’s just say that could mean he’ll be more receptive to the idea at some point.

Pictures with other women (and we’re not talking his Mom or sister here)? Puh-lease — bad sign. What, couldn’t he find another photo? It’s still not a great choice if he crops out the other women. Anyone who is seriously looking doesn’t need to display how popular he is with the ladies.

A guy who posts himself half-naked or perhaps lying in a bed (even if he’s clothed)… um, do we have to spell it out? Yes, his abs may be smokin’ hot but if he wants to show off all his hard work at the gym, there are more subtle ways to do that. Guys who are looking for something more serious are probably going to present themselves in a manner befitting someone who could be a husband, not just a bedmate.

Commitment check: Does he mention family/friends/children/faith positively?
If a man is close to his family and friends, then he knows what it means to be loyal. So a man who mentions how important these people are in his life is also a man that probably knows what it means to be committed to his partner. He’s not afraid to have intimate ties with others and that he knows how to connect.

You might also glean some information from his feelings on the “children” question. If he talks positively about any nieces or nephews, he may be open to the idea of having his own kids one day. Also, the man who says “Yes, Definitely” in answer to the “Do you want kids?” section of the profile is likely in a different place than the one who says “Someday” or “No.”

Be sure to scan a profile for clues about a guy’s ethics. Studies have shown that men with a strong moral code (be it religious or otherwise) are more likely to eventually commit to a woman. So, if he mentions his faith and that’s important to you as well, it could be a good sign.

“One of the things that really stood out in my fiancé Tony’s profile was that he mentioned how close he was to his family and that he attended church every week,” says Christie, 33, from New York, NY. “I just sensed that a man who could make a commitment to his relatives and his religion could also make a commitment to me, and I was right… we’re getting married in two months!”

Commitment check: How much does he mention work?
It’s only natural for a guy to mention his job in his profile. But a man who brags about being all-consumed with his career is probably not going to make time to develop a deep relationship. Carefully read his profile to see if he frequently mentions not having time to date because he’s busy with work. While this can be a legitimate excuse for having trouble meeting people, overt emphasis on his lack of availability may be a commitment red flag.

Conversely, a man who mentions that he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up or has already made many career changes may have trouble sticking with one woman — or making up his mind. The best commitment prospects are those men who mention trying to find a healthy balance between work and play.

Commitment check: What is he seeking in his match?
The commitment-ready man is usually someone who has dated enough to know what he’s truly seeking. He’s had some relationships and has a sense of what works for him, what traits he’s attracted to and with whom he can see himself having a future. While everyone knows your “type” can vary, “about my date” is definitely a section you’ll want to check carefully. A man serious about finding someone for more than a fling is going to spend a little more time describing his ideal match. Why? He’s not just looking for any woman, he’s looking for the woman. A guy who says he’s fine dating someone ranging from age 21-60 in any height range with any body type? There’s a good chance he’s either fishing for a hookup or too lazy to fill out his entire profile (neither scenario bodes well for commitment).

Bottom line? You deserve someone who is looking specifically for you!

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is a dating and relationship writer based in New York. She is the author of The Real Reasons Men Commit: Why He Will - or Won't - Love, Honor and Marry You, and has written for Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Health, among others.