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Are you being too picky?

Is your profile one long, negative checklist? Learn how to be choosy, yet stay approachable.

By Lynn Harris

Five dysfunctional relationship clues

Follow this advice to keep from getting sucked back into a dead-end relationship once more.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

Masterful pick-up tips for shy guys

Too nervous to approach women? Try these icebreakers and confidence-boosting tips from the master!

By Neil Strauss

Cracking the code to online dating

Learn how to successfully navigate the world of online dating in our Q&A with author Dan Slater.

By Judy Dutton

Traits unhappy couples have in common

Want your romance to last? Avoid these “four horsemen” that spell doom for relationships.

By Judy Dutton

Why are you single?

One author explains why your perceived “flaws” aren’t keeping you single… it’s really your attitude.

By Amy Spencer

An expert look at why people cheat

Relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle answers your questions about relationships and infidelity.

10 myths about singles over 40

Who says marriage has to have a “best before” date? Here are 10 stereotypes it’s time to toss out.

By Dana Robinson

Women’s five biggest dating lies

Before you step out on your next date, banish these negative thoughts from your mind, ladies.

By Chelsea Kaplan

Revising the “Rules” for modern daters

The Rules authors are back to tackle texting, Facebook and other modern dating mysteries.

By Judy Dutton

4 simple steps to meeting someone

It’s about being able to chat people up — wherever and whenever the opportunity strikes. Here’s how.

By Laura Gilbert

10 advantages singles have over couples

Think married couples get all the perks? Here are 10 benefits strictly for single folks.

By Judy Dutton

5 ways you’re driving him crazy — and how to stop

Could you be sabotaging your first post-divorce relationship? If you’re worried, follow this advice!

By Marina Sbrochi

Best and worst states for singles

A recent state-by-state study offers clues about the best and worst spots in the U.S. to find love.

By Dave Singleton

Five relationship-ending red flags

Consider saying “so long” if you’re faced with one of these deal-breaking scenarios, say experts.

By Chelsea Kaplan

Which type of woman do most men fall for?

If your mom and girlfriend are eerily similar, should you worry? Here’s what experts say about it.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann


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